What happened to Warren Viti - owner of iChild patent with IP australia?

“At least half of the therapists helping Monarch slaves are programmed multiples themselves!
The therapeutic community is heavily infiltrated. The help lines for women in crisis are all dirty. Some of the Christian groups that claim to help SRA victims are really fronts.”
Fritz Springmeier

Beyond Blue has been called out as a front to silence survivors. Here’s the past leaders..
the fish rots at the head.

“There is a file containing serious child sex offences (against boys) by Jeff Kennett, but because of his enormous power in Victoria, the police would not act on it.
It was also alleged that Jeff Kennett intentionally abused the boys in unusual situations (for example, in a helicopter) so that if it ever got out, the boys' testimonies would seem unbelievable.“
Reina Michelson

Hillary Clinton’s puppet & now chairing a pharmaceutical company joining forces with Google in quantum computing for digital technologies, AI & machine learning called Wellcome

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