Time to play our favorite game - FIND THE JEW!

This business of contracting the manufacturing of the Jew Jab to Department of Defence dominated companies such as Emergent Biosolutions (which I was writing about 22 years ago) and Catalant, and now a new mystery company "National Resilience" (that just came out of nowhere are sketchy insiders - recently changed its name from something else) is looking like it needs to be thoroughly investigated.

We remember that there was that massive news story from Japan destroying 1.6 million doses of "faulty" batches of the Moderna last year, but those were made by someone else not Moderna (because Moderna doesn't even have the capability to manufacture such a massive production stream being also a rather new company who never actually got approved for any drug ever) Catalant made them I believe along with another company.

Lets find the Jewish controllers in the shadows pulling the strings on their goyim foot soldiers.

This researcher Alexandria Latypove is speaking with Peter McCullough in a VERY VERY IMPORTANT interview.

I have two days of solid bull**** to deal with so I will check back to see who found the Jews. Look at the Yahoo Finance for the "holders" of each company involved and look for Jewish associates of the Directors and Executives of these companies. Lets find the Jews in the shadows pulling this **** on us.

There will definitely be Jewish connections involved here:

Lets find the Jewish connection here:

Find the Jewish connections here:

Find the Jewish connections here:

Good Luck!