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Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock
The original bi-colored version of this essay “Graphenization of the meat, and proteins, by “vaccines” injected into the livestock”

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The WHO is speedily progressing with amendments to the International Health Regulations, and Australia is fully on board.

This will mean a COMPLETE global takeover by the WHO.

Aussies have collectively done a great job creating a resource for every Australian to take action.

👉Step 1: Watch this video
👉Step 2: Visit https://australiaexitsthewho.com (https://australiaexitsthewho.com/) (from a computer is easier but mobile also works) and follow the steps outlined in the video
👉Step 3: Share this everywhere including reposts to social media with hashtag #stopthewho

This truly is the greatest threat of our time. Digital Soldiers, we NEED to make this VIRAL!!!

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