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Telegram, at the request of Apple and Google, blocked several Russian and Belarusian pro-government channels. Among them are the Azarenka channel, RT journalist Prydybailo, subdivisions of Rusich mercenaries and others. Some channels are not available on iOS, others have been removed from Telegram entirely. — claims RT Russia.

If true, this could mean that smartphone giants are under pressure to carry out censorship of information. The threat is likely that the Telegram app will have to be removed from the AppStore / Google play store if the requests are not carried out by Telegram.

The fact that Telegram can restrict access to content depending on which device you’re connecting from is even more effective. It could soon be the case that due to Telegram being under pressure from tech giants — any device with western components/OS could be blocked from accessing information our governments categorize as “propaganda”

Some channels also disappeared without notice. Simply as if they were deleted by the owners.