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Sht i thought this was about Enlightenment, Akashic Records and High Resonating Vibrant Teachings Learnings, relevant of the here and now or whats happening in the world now. Can you tell me if I Am in the right place? Are you guys about Truth and Unity?


All over the world we find the remains of the same civilization.

We’ve lost touch of who we are as Europeans. Our history is merely his story enshrouded in mystery, occulted throughout recorded time.

Ancient civilizations across the world share similarities that even the most ardent skeptics can’t deny. These ancient Aryan architects built the Egyptians pyramids, Stonehenge, and other megalithic sites in India, China, Sumer, Peru, Europe, and the Americas.
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A very enlightening video.


For those awoken to the Political Agendas behind Covid 19