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Video Resurfaces Of Giorgia Meloni Supporting The Covid-19 Passport—She Was Also A Part Of The Aspen Institute, A Think Tank Backed By Bill Gates

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So polio is back and now syphilis is back…this is what happens when you treat the whole of humanity as laboratory pets.

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Britain financial evaporation is the least of the kingdom’s problems. The nation inflicted on itself a medical disaster. A collective suicide may describe it perfectly well …

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Angry Harry Vox:
This is a start but unfortunately the governments will force this store owner to let them in. I would say that unless Jews publicly disavow that vile religion of their which basically says that it's the religious obligation for jews to rip us off, rape our children, kill us and steal our land and homes that all business and governments and every decent person should reject them like this. To do otherwise is pathetic.

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[Forwarded from Royboy17 (Roy Davies)]
Absolutely spot on. The UK financial crises looks like it has abated. Get ready the Old Lady is going down.



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