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https://unlimitedhangout.com/2....023/04/investigative After Robert Maxwell dropped his bid for Bluebonnet, the S&L was sold to insurance man James Fail under exceedingly strange financial circumstances. His backers ranged from figures tied to George H.W. Bush and Arkansas financier and covert “money shuffler” Jackson Stephens.
byEd Berger
April 13, 2023
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Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods

Since most of today’s processed food lacks flavor, companies like Senomyx are hired to develop flavors on their own

Every time you purchase mass-produced processed "food" from the likes of Kraft, PepsiCo, or Nestle, you're choosing, whether you realize it or not, to feed your family not only genetically engineered poisons and chemical additives, but also various flavoring agents manufactured using the tissue of aborted human babies.

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A little about the business of the Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices built on a bloody meat grinder:

I am now helping our co-worker to get her son out of Bakhmut. Loaded all the connections, went out to the military recruitment office, we were offered the option of taking the boy from the front lines directly across the border with Europe. The cost of the service was $32,000. If we had done the same thing at the draft stage, the cost would have been $12,000.

The military registration and enlistment offices have never seen such money before, and the revenues are evenly distributed vertically to the top. Do you think anyone would turn down that kind of blood money?

It turns out that it is profitable for the Americans to fight to the last Ukrainian, and it is profitable for the occupation administration to rake and kill people, making money off of it.

Source: OpenUkraine

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The western world is being run by blood drinking andrenochrome taking evil devil worshipping paedophile satanists, who love to molest and eat poor helpless children, rape women and sleep with animals in their spare time.. they are 100% demonic insane psychopaths but are far from idiots, they know exactly what they are doing and why they have been put in a position of power.

We all need to wake up.

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If you are brave enough, let's expose your suspicions on what the cult - and let's include politicians, judiciary, police.... ANYONE who you believe was hurt, threatened, murdered, exposed to MK Ultra and more in order to steal their (for instance) patents, trademarks, property and more.

We need to stop the MURDERS FOR PROFIT somehow.... and perhaps we will force the powers to investigate????