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The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of the human race: It’s WAY beyond infertility and depopulation… humans are HOSTING a nano-scale computational PLATFORM

Image: The SYNBIO “Borgification” infiltration of the human race: It’s WAY beyond infertility and depopulation… humans are HOSTING a nano-scale computational PLATFORM

(Natural News) “SynBio” means synthetic biology. If a corporation develops a gene-altering technology that gets injected into your body and permanently alters your chromosomes to be something other than fully human, they have turned you into a part-synthetic organism. Under existing US law and court precedent, that corporation may have an intellectual property claim to your physical body, which would make you a slave to that corporation.

A legal war is being fought right now to determine whether mRNA injections that alter human chromosomes confer intellectual property ownership rights of the organism to the corporation that invented the injection. Attorney Todd Callender is currently engaged in this legal battle in an effort to secure the status of self-ownership of your own body, a principal from which the entire philosophy of freedom springs.

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I interview Todd Callender, covering a sweeping range of truly shocking realizations surrounding the covid jab, genetic alterations and the “borgification” of humanity. Some of the items covered in this interview include:

– The lawsuit against the DoD over vaccine mandates
– Why vaxxed people may be PROPERTY of the pharmaceutical cartels
– Details on Robert v. Austin, which sued HHS, FDA, DoD
– Upcoming 10th circuit hearing in Colorado
– The Truth for Health Foundation
– The global #transhumanism push and the war against humanity
– Gene deletion effects
– SM-102, nanolipids and luciferase
– Cesium 137 (Cs-137) as a cellular potentiator
– How to remove radioactive cesium-137 from your body
– What is Prussian Blue?
– External frequency activation of self-assembled nanocircuits
– Cellular “borgification” and the takeover of the body
– The human body as a HOST for a SynBio nanoscale computational cloud

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5G: High Court Rules Illegal Technology Must Be Removed - Get Those FOI Requests In To Your Councils

A High Court ruling recently stated that the 5G installations are illegal and have to be removed.
Installed by your local council illegally with no Health and Safety Risk Assessment or Environmental Impact Analysis. Get those Freedom of Information Requests to the CEO of your local councils. Ask to see the Health and Safety Risk Assessment, the Environmental Impact Analysis and the Insurance Policy for the equipment. None of these have been done. They have to remove them now. We have them.
Mark Steele reports.
#5g #genocideagenda #betheresistance

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