2022 Predictions Joni Patry Astrologist

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2022 Predictions Joni Patry Astrologist

What a year we have had! Despite all the negative press on the new Omicron variant I see the Covid virus finally on its way out in 2022. In my 2022 predictions I made the prediction that by March Covid would be on its way out, as we learn to live with it. So many things have been surfacing that are shedding light on the truth. Now that there is light at the end of this tunnel, we can concentrate on the changes that will improve and make our lives better. 

The news in Africa is that the omicron variant which swept through the country gave symptoms like a cold, and now the new cases of the virus are remarkedly low there. Another turning point is that there is now a pill that can help those with the virus recover. This is all good news, and this couldn’t come at a better time, to close out the year with hope for a better year.

The coronavirus has been instrumental in surfacing the truth involving political leaders around the world. The media has revealed their true colors too as we see how biased their reports are depending on their political interests.

In the U.S. the political leadership is under deep scrutiny as the government seems to be falling apart. There is yet more to come concerning the revelations of the corruption that has been brewing within these controlling forces. Politics is a dirty business and many on both sides are guilty of corruption. But what is finally surfacing is the money trail leading back to China. This entire pandemic originated out of China and brought the world to its knees. This was obviously biological warfare as it began when Trump tried to make China accountable financially. The truth concerning China may not be uncovered, but they now know how to control the world through this new form of warfare.

Astrologically speaking we are still not out of the woods according to the planetary energy this year. Mars in Scorpio with Ketu surfaced the corruption and lies surrounding the political leaders around the world. President Biden’s birth chart looks very difficult during this time. Maybe it simply has to do with his struggles as President, but I am more concerned about his health.

Between now and February 1st transiting Ketu will transit his Sun and Venus in the first house depleting his life force. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris’ chart has a specific destiny beyond her control, with her natal Rahu exactly on her ascendant degree. It appears there will be a transition of power in 2022. In February there is a major transition, and August and October are the most intense times for Harris as transiting Mars stations retrograde on her ascendant. The U.S. will be in turmoil throughout this year with the political leadership. The difficulties this year will not focus on the virus, but the faults and mistakes made by the government. This will be like a civil war but fought through the most powerful entity in the world – the media. The good news is that transiting Jupiter is about to transit over the natal Moon in the U.S. chart in the third house of communications, which indicates the media. Jupiter is the planet of truth and spirituality, meaning the truth will be revealed. This will be the first week of January.

Going forward, as the virus is fizzling out, what have we learned from this? For me the most important lesson revealed is that whatever we focus on we create. This is such a powerful realization because it gives us our power back, and this is exactly what we all need now. Realize that if you have a lack of trust, you will attract untrustworthy people. If you come from a place of financial lack you will attract more problems financially, if you lack confidence and self-esteem, you will attract those that mirror your lack of confidence through relationships. If you come from a place of fear, you will attract reasons to be in fear. We attract these situations in our lives because of our past experiences that validate our feelings. Realize through being conscious and aware of our behavioral choices we can take control back and change our lives. Let 2022 be the year that you change your life.

Regardless of what the media dictates to us, we must come from a place within ourselves to realize we have the power to change our lives based on our conscious awareness. Do not be a victim and blame the world conditions or people in your life for the circumstances you are in. If you think you cannot change, then you are being a victim. Victims cast blame on outside circumstances for their problems. Take back your power and change yourself to change your life and you will contribute to the “great awakening” of the world. 2022 will be chaotic, as many will not want to believe what is being revealed, and the media will become more extreme in their tactics to make sure they stay in control, but the results of their tactics cannot be denied, and the truth will bring a much-needed healing.

My eternal message to the world for 2022

“We are here to uncover the illusion of this world, which is that we are not separate from others and we are all one for we are the Divinity of the Divine.

We will discover who we are as we give unconditional love from the heart to heal each other from this illusion of separation and we will all ascend into oneness. This is when all is one and one is all”. By Joni Patry