No Weapon formed against me will Prosper!

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This article was from a post I did that was the beginning of our Stand for God and Freedom and this was part of the birth of Australia Arise and Pray and Australia Arise.

Possibly time to clarify. I am concerned about what is going on in our world. I am concerned not in Fear. I have been sharing things as I am very aware that our government has a narrative that want to spin. There is a great deal of scientists and medical doctors around the world speaking out in concern against experimental treatments.
Our Doctors have had their personal voices silenced. If one speaks against the narrative they have their license removed. This is not ok. There have been FB pages set up to collect adverse reactions to experimental treatments and overnight the page was deleted. They had over 60,000+ I believe voices on there.
We are in a very concerning time right now. The scripture that the Lord really brought home to me is that "No weapon formed against me will prosper." This is a very important time to know how to use our Faith Missiles and pray with purpose and with a target in mind.
All that is hidden be brought into the light. And we speak confusion into the enemies camp and call it to crumble. All their plans to be made void.
Our faith is a strong weapon that we have right now. It is part of our Tool Box as believers to use. So let's lock and load and pray with strength and might for our nation to regain it's freedom.
Rev Liz Mitchell
Bernie Strang 15 w

Judgment will happen as the cup is full. What they have been sowing they will reap . Pray that they will repent .