How to use gps car tracker magnetic?

gps car tracker magnetic

gps car tracker magnetic is mainly divided into wired GPS locator, wireless GPS locator and OBD interface locator. Generally, the GPS positioners we use are wired GPS positioners and wireless GPS positioners. The GPS locator must be activated before use, and the wiring device needs to be energized with the positive and negative wiring of the battery, and the positioning device needs to be charged in advance without installation.

After the installation, the vehicle will be driven out for a short distance, so that the GPRS in the locator can get the location information outside; Then use the device IMEI number or account to log in to the vehicle inspection platform or software, you can use it normally!

When the owner installs the equipment in accordance with the equipment instructions, the owner can install the corresponding service management platform on the mobile phone or PC according to the instructions - immediately locate, and log in to fill in the equipment information according to the platform instructions. After filling in, the owner can operate the device according to the function of the device in the platform function navigation, according to their own needs.

In fact, in order to fit and facilitate the use of the car owner's use scenario and use needs, the general use of gps car tracker magnetic is very easy, and the use method is a fool. At the very least, even if the electrical appliance is idiotic, it can easily complete the whole process of using the equipment according to the equipment manual.

gps car tracker magnetic