I feel blessed I ended with a pharmaceutical induced brain injury!

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I feel blessed that over a year ago now I started getting side effects from my prescription medications!


I feel blessed that by July 2020 I couldn't read without vomiting, I walked like I was drunk, my body would involuntarily move my head, mouth and shoulder even if I tried so hard to stop it

I had tremors and uncontrollable shaking and people STARE at me and I struggled to speak normally. Had terrible memory loss and forgot how to read or pronunance so many words. I was a bit of a dumb dumb!!

I had put on so much weight so quickly I was so embarrassed. None of my clothes fit me. 

I could go on and on about the side effects I was having a year ago ….. I was so damn scared, ashamed, depressed and angry that people in my life didn't seem to give a shit about what was happening to me!!! 


so by now I predict only 1% of you are still reading this post!!

that’s ok because the 7 of you still reading this post, you are probably the only people ready to hear me. You are probably the only people so desperate to feel better that you think well I many as well see what she’s got to say…. 

If I didn't have the side effects last year and if I didn't have depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, diagnosed with Cyclothymic disorder (Bi Polar) and then ADHD, postnatal depression over the past 10+ years, I would never have woken up.

I would have never taken my POWER back!

I would never have taken CONTROL over MY HEALTH, MY BODY, MY THOUGHTS.and MY RECOVERY.

I would never have learnt what I know today:


and ALL HEALING takes place from the inside out, what you think comes true AND what you believes comes true

I remember my hubby saying perhaps November or December of last year

“Bub if you want MAN was I PISSED OFF!!! I cried for days……….

These words came from a man who has beaten cancer three times and has overcome so many health issues in his life it's crazy…. 

But that seed he planted that day has changed my life!!!

I love him even more now than I did when we got married, he is my true hero and I am so grateful!

So today I come to you with so much new knowledge about how my body actually works and what all the messages my body is trying to tell me and that taking a PILL for an ILL is just a Band-Aid!

Every little headache, ache and pain, dry skin, pimple, sitting on the loo for ages and ages these things are not random! Your body is speaking to you ……. 

GP’s are so busy, they have so many people they are trying to help, they have so little time for themselves or for their own families. They don't have time to ask you about all the random messages your body has been telling over the past 6 months or so. They just see the issue you have presented to them on that given day. They really don't have time to get to the root cause of why you had eczema or why you were constipated or why you have a stiff back! They just want you to feel better and proceed to take action to fix that immediate problem. Generally they will prescribe a medication to fix that immediate problem. You feel thankful, you take the tablets, you feel better and carry on with your life. 

That's sort of we all roll hey! 

WHAT about instead of this approach, society were conditions to stop and ask the questions like:

I wonder if there is a food 

I should eat to make me feel better

I wonder if there is a herb or natural antibiotic that will fix my tummy ache

I wonder if there is an acupressure point on my body that will take this headache away

There are  to be sick you will be sick”

 so many approaches to health and wellbeing

I will leave you with a quote from something I listened to the other day on an Integrative Approach to Parkinson’s Disease

[I was diagnosed with Parkinsonism a condition that causes a combination of the movement abnormalities seen in Parkinson's disease — such as tremor, slow movement, impaired speech or muscle stiffness — especially resulting from the loss of dopamine-containing nerve cells (neurons)]

Dr Carol Lourie MD: Natural Health Care, Integrative Complementary Breast Cancer Care, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Functional Medicine (NB: After completing their education, an MD or DO may choose to be a practicing functional medicine doctor by basing their care on uncovering the underlying cause of illness and disease and developing an extremely close relationship with patients.)


Dr Greg Eckel ND, LAc: Naturopathic and Chinese medicine, author, inventor and international lecturer


Source: Integrative Approach to Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Lourie:

“I think that our society, in general, has really become separate or lost our way. And I really fault the advertising companies and the drug companies because it's insidious. You watch television or you look at a magazine and you're given the message that you don't need to do anything different about eating or exercise or taking supplements. You're just going to let your body deteriorate and then you're going to go to the doctor and you're going to be given medication and you're going to be fine. And it's much more complex than that and especially as we age. So brain degeneration or brain health is just part of what we need to do, all of us, about how we take care of ourselves every day and the decisions we make about our health, how we eat, what kind of exercise do we get? Are we going outside? Are we getting fresh air? What kind of cleaning products do we have in our home? And what kind of self-care cleaning products do we use on our bodies? It's part of an intense attitude and approach towards living in our society at this time”

Dr. Eckel: 

“Those are such great points and we're going to unpack those as we talk here. That is the main thrust and goal of this whole summit, is really to bring heart-centered practitioners out in educating the public. Because so many folks get parked into neurodegeneration and brain degeneration and that's it. Like basically, well, you've got dementia, you've got Alzheimer's, you've got Parkinson's, there you go. So what are you seeing? You've been in practice, you're seeing great results. Where do you start with folks or let's say maybe some early symptoms that you think people should really tune into? Now, we've got a lot of folks viewing and watching that already have symptom pictures, but maybe for their loved ones and also for prevention, but what have you seen in your practice and in general in the population.”


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