If you are interested in doing a build centered around heavy weapons in Fallout 76

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If you are interested in doing a build centered around heavy weapons in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, there are a LOT of different weapons for you to base your build around. From assault rifles to shotguns, to sniper rifles, there is no shortage of powerful tools for you to cause some chaos with. One of the most powerful weapon types in Fallout 76 is non-other then heavy weapons. In fact, heavy weapons are so strong that many Fallout 76 meta-builds are centered around using them.

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be going over and ranking the seven best heavy guns in Fallout 76 and how to create a build revolving around them. Let’s get started!

If you are interested in doing a build centered around heavy weapons in Fallout 76, there are a few things you’ll need to have.

First, it’s essential to have the right SPECIAL stats. For Buy Fallout 76 Items a heavy weapons build, it’s recommended that your character possesses 15 strength since most perk cards affecting heavy weapons are governed by this attribute. Additionally, a high endurance is advised to provide you with more health and enhance your ability to tank damage, especially since mobility isn’t your strong suit.

When it comes to perk cards, acquiring the “Heavy Gunner” perk is a definite must. Each rank of this perk increases your damage with heavy weapons. Another highly beneficial perk card is “Lock And Load,” which reduces your reload time with heavy weapons. Both of these perks can be found in the strength category. Lastly, there’s “Gunsmith,” which slows down weapon degradation and allows you to craft more potent weapon mods. You can find this perk under intelligence when leveling up.

If you’re looking for more ways to maximize your heavy gunner build in the late game, allow us to recommend a couple of useful legendary perk cards. “Ammo Factory” is an excellent choice, as it enables you to craft +50% more ammo. This perk proves particularly advantageous if you utilize the Gauss Minigun, considering the high cost of its ammunition. Another noteworthy option is “Electric Absorption,” especially if you intend to utilize power armor alongside this build. This perk occasionally replenishes your fusion core upon being hit, among other benefits.

Let’s start with the first entry on our list, the Gatling Gun. This Civil War era weapon stands out as a truly unique addition not found in any other Fallout game with its old-fashioned, slow-fire rate. Its distinctiveness and availability since launch has made it a widely recognized iconic weapon amongst the Fallout 76 community. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to come across in Appalachia, making it readily available early on.

In terms of stats, this weapon is decent, though its slow firing rate may leave something to be desired. It can discharge 250 rounds before requiring a reload, a fairly standard capacity for a weapon of this nature. However, given its sluggish firing pace, the 250-round capacity seems somewhat excessive. While the Gatling Gun serves its purpose well in the early stages of the game, I recommend replacing it with a weapon boasting superior stats as soon as you have the opportunity.

One notable advantage of this weapon lies in its practicality when it comes to ammo consumption. Unlike most of the other heavy weapons on this list, it doesn’t devour ammunition at an alarming rate. This makes it an excellent choice for resource-conscious players who prefer a weapon that won’t constantly require crafting additional rounds. If you find yourself low on resources Buy Fallout 76 Caps and seek a reliable firearm, the Gatling Gun is a great option to consider.