Some quiet and reflective musing on a wet Wednesday morning.

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Personal wisdom & Philosophy for life.

To become the best we can become in this lifetime, sometimes we have to
walk through our own darkness in order for us to see that there is a light
even if it is a pinhole of brightness at first.

Never give up on finding our own light, once we discover our own light, always walk
toward it with baby steps as we tread softly through the darkness and once we can grasp that light, never let it go and nurture it until it shines so bright that those around us become
blinded by how bright we can shine.

Our own energy input will determine the outcome of your own life.

If we feed our own darkness only darkness will grow, if we embrace our own
light no matter how small at first; only light shall grow and shine on
everything we do in life.

Be brave and believe in who we really are.
End of wet weather sermon gentle readers.
Enjoy your time and embrace your own light.