We are in strife. We all know that. What's worse is that they know that we know what they are doing and yet they keep on marching forward with it. If that is not terrorism in your face from every single govt around the world towards its people as they take instruction from hostile foreign entities (WEF et al) and not their own people, that simply makes them traitors. I am afraid we are all far too comfortable to take the required action.

The saying is that once a man has nothing left - you have nothing to take from him, he has nothing to lose, applied more to the dark ages where people were literally serfs to wealthy landowners.

That may well be exactly what the truth is NOW if we removed the veils and illusions put in place by the elite and bankers who have created the illusion, but if all the debt was stripped from those feeling comfy, we would be looking at a very different story. Hence the narrative build - of Klaus - "You will own nothing and be happy". This is all part of the process of gaslighting. Its the 101 on how to do it.