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ANR Founder discusses how it’s not just independent media we must continue to support but we must defeat Facebook and the likes to win this propaganda war- Russia verse Ukraine saga continues and shows how the same people ie Globalists push the same fake news - Covid **** - Ukrainian **** - and sadly many fall for it - simple way to figure it out - whatever MsM says is a lie - the exact opposite is usually the truth or the mirror Test - put up a mirror ie if Russia sent lethal weapons and troops to Mexico 🇲🇽 to threaten Us security - and kill innocent civilians for the 9 years - who would be the aggressor - the US ? -Covid vaccine deaths skyrocketing and Insurance companies showing the stats - the world is about to find out the vaccines were a lethal injection. Www.anrnews.com

Delete Facebook Campaign

Facebooks recent share crash was because they deleted the Canadian Truckies , so they deleted Facebook and they had a net loss of 1 million users in Canada.
It’s time we all stand up to Big Tech bullying and telling us what we can and cannot say .

Truthbook. Social a new social media platform founded by Independent Media is growing faster then Facebook did and you won’t get banned for speaking the truth . Join the community now . [a]www.truthbook.social[/a] is offering $100 USD in Crypto to delete Facebook . ( $50 USD to join ) If you post that you are deleting Facebook ,on your Facebook account ,but leave the post for at least a week or longer , and come join yourself on [a]www.truthbook.social[/a] . Then you simply post to your new truthbook.social account , the same post , and they’ll give you $100 USD in crypto www.truthcoin.social immediately which 3 months after late May listing on Exchange’s can either be sold or can also from day one convert it to spend at over 38,000 merchants or of course use it as a way to pay for advertising across Independent Media and also Truthbook. Www.truthbook.social