The Ukraine Regime is bombing its own civilians ,says mainstream media reporters on the ground, but mainstream media, for some reason refuses to run it . I guess the regime trying to kill Ukrainians to blame on Russia’ goes against the false narrative. The regime has also let out of jail , violent criminals who are robbing stores , bashing and killing innocent Ukrainians, and settling scores- over 100 dead - once again, no doubt, so it can be blamed on Russia, despite no Russian troops even in those locations. Why does mainstream media find it so hard to tell the truth,? And are you happy for the Australian Government to use taxpayer money, to support an evil regime, that has terrorised and worked with neo Nazis to kill thousands of Ukrainians and Ukrainian Russians in Ukraine since the illegal take over by the Us, Soros and neo Nazis in 2014 of Ukraine.?Do you support the child sex trafficking that they are making millions from in Ukraine, the bio weapon labs , the money laundering and looting ? As supporting the Ukraine Regime against Russia ,that’s there to protect the many Russians who live in Ukraine, and to free Ukrainians from the Regime and protect its borders from provocative Nato expansion, designed deliberately to start a unnecessary war, to be then blamed once again on Russia. Would it be ok then for Russia to invade Mexico ?? and kill Americans and Mexicans, add set up lethal weapons to threaten the Us Border and fund neo Nazis to rape and pillage the locals ? Then profit from child sex trafficking ? Would that be acceptable ? Of course not so why should Russia or us , accept it ?