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ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre , encourages Australians to join him and others in Canberra , to take back our Country from the Globalists Foriegn Powers dictating a medical tryanny via the WHO and the vaccine cronies . The vaxx mandate must end as they kill daily up to 100 hundred Australians and injuring thousands daily , yet spun by the mainstream media and Government as Covid deaths.

They spread dangerous and deadly misinformation such as “ they are safe, effective and necessary “, yet are deadly , ineffective and totally unnecessary and recent Court Ruling said “ to take one is committing suicide , as it’s well known they have fatal side effects and are a phase 3 medical experiment,


Delete Facebook Campaign

Facebooks recent share crash was because they deleted the Canadian Truckies , so they deleted Facebook and they had a net loss of 1 million users in Canada.
It’s time we all stand up to Big Tech bullying and telling us what we can and cannot say .

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