1/2 ANR Chief, says get to Canberra as he packs his bag and sends the ANR Media bus and reporters to prepare to be there until the Sco Mo Government falls. And Barnaby Joyce tried to resign - for calling Sco Mo a liar and a hypocrite- why Barnaby apologise- he is . How about you tell him the Nationals are leaving to form a Coalition with the United Australia Party , One Nation and Independents to create a political revolution in Australia and desert the sinking and stinking ship of Sco Mo . That would achieve something useful.Any party that doesn’t denounce the deadly vaxx rollout, and respect the wishes of most Australians, to not have been forced ,and lied to ,and co erced and bullied ,into taking a “ death shot that will kill and injure, millions of innocent Australians,and 5 -11 year old kids , stop young women ever having babies , cause miss carriages in pregnant mums, and killed granny already, which they used as a fake Covid death, to ramp up fear ,and deadly misinformation to blame on Covid to drive vaccine sales up for Pfizer and co . www.anrnews.com