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Rapidly declining birth rates are from Climate change, says paid for fake news and anti science media

Mainstream media ( Globalists controlled propaganda and conspiracy theory channels) are concerned the public are asking questions, not just about the rapid increase in excess deaths since a not so safe,effective or necessary Bs19 vaccine was rolled out, but record high miscarriages of vaccinated women, but rapid decline in births.
They try desperately to blame it on anything other then the most obvious known deadly variable. And yes they even blame it on climate change, or worse the fact for economic reasons people decided to have less babies while they were at home more getting paid to do little else for 2 years.

The Bs19 jab. Apart from being a total heart stopper of a product, could also be rebranded as an abortion injection, so great the miscarriage rate from the vaccinated has been.
And the few he didn’t miss carry, let’s see if their child isn’t infertile when it grows up or sadly die young like many of the vaccinated are or poor immune systems for life.
But science wouldn’t allow such studies. Only pseudoscience, that’s Pfizer funded science is allowed. And we all know we must trust the science and never ask questions, despite science being about asking questions and not making assumptions without substantive evidence.

I bet they wouldn’t bet their house or job on their dodgy assumptions. Talk is always cheap, especially with paid propagandists who are employed to steer the all to trusting public back onto the Government conspiracy theory narrative ( climate change took my baby one)

If in doubt ask NewsCorp and Fox News, how many hundreds of millions annually Pfizer pays them to lie, and even sack journalists who dare mention the truth.
Think Tucker Carlson as one.

#diesuddenly if your Vaxxed,hard to if you’re not Australian National Review http://anrnews.com
Where unlike Newscorp,we aren’t paid to push vaccine propaganda, or cover up the truth.

http://News.com wrote
Taking to Twitter, controversial Gold Coast entrepreneur Jamie McIntyre rejected Dr Allen’s analysis that concern for climate change had factored into family planning.
McIntyre – a “self-help guru and motivational speaker” – claimed the “dramatic drop off in births” had come “since a certain not so safe, effective, or necessary vaccine was forced upon the elderly, pregnant mums, and even children”.

https://news.com.au/lifestyle/....parenting/babies/exp https://twitter.com/jamiemcint....yre21/status/1671209