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The President Of the European Bank, R family puppet , tries to claim we need Central Banks and thus must move to CBDC’s. Despite the fact we don’t need Globalist elite Central Banks, as money belongs to the people , and the Fed Reserve and Central Banking, allowing the R family & their shills,to profit from printing fake money. They then cause wars,to ensure the world is always divided, gaining control of both left and right of politics and deceiving the people to choose between their to selected puppets. Or if somehow a popular people’s leader gets elected,they rig the elections or stage coup’s or surround the leader with their advisors to misled the Presidents . So why do we need the elites to issue or control our money and enslave humanity ? We don’t . The cabal is falling. So repeat after me . Bankers are wankers and Central Bankers can go f .. themselves . The fraud is up,and we know who they are. And that’s why they’ve engineered a FAKE Financial Crisis. As they can’t print anymore money and it’s a controlled demolition of the broken financial system,to try and usher in Global control via CBDC’s. Firmly reject these rejects. Jail them for fraud.

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, admits that Central Banks will lose their grip over the monetary system if they don’t move to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). #fedreserve #globalists #biden #trump #rothschildcrimefamily #rothschild https://twitter.com/i/status/1638397493854736385