Questions that Dan Andrews & all his disciples should answer.

Did Labor Senator Kimberly Kitchen, who “ died suddenly” with a heart attack, in March this year.

Did she die before she was jabbed with the experimental drug, that’s unsafe,ineffective,unnecessary and untested, that’s disguised as a Bs 19 Vax, or after ?

Note a heart attack is a major side effect of the Bs 19 jabs she and others took.
The answer is of course she died suddenly of a heart attack after the Bs 19 jabs.

Are such deaths rare or simply rarely reported ?

One Australian is dying from the same thing every 15-20 minutes since the start of the year, excess above normal.
19,000 by the end of July 2022, a run rate of about 27,000 so far this year.

Dropped dead & died suddenly after having a experimental jab.
Is the mainstream media paid to cover up most experimental jabs, death and injuries I wonder ?

The answer by the way is yes.
I’d you don’t die within weeks of taking the deadly experimental jabs are you safe ? No as most will die 2-3 years after,the rest within 5-10years from accelerated cancers.Sadly those that don’t die will often wish they had, due to the injuries for life. The only hope for most, is that they got an ineffective jab, one more stored cold enough or batches made non lethal to keep the death rates down in the beginning. That’s what leading Doctors and Scientists not funded by big Pharma, have stated. 1 excess death every 4-6 seconds Globally . The only thing that’s changed is they were jabbed.
Could it be from Covid ?

No as of it was from Covid they would have been dying for the 2 years during the pandemic that never was, but no increase of excess deaths occurred.

So was it a pandemic then?
No . It was total hype
But didn’t 5 million die of Covid ?
No . Who told you that ?
That’s right the same people lying to you about little deaths from the experimental jab.

97% of the so called Bs 19 deaths were proven not to have been.

Have you seen anyone drop dead in your street from Bs19 ?
No and you won’t. Strange pandemic.

But what about in hospital ?
You mean were they can falsely say you have Bs 19, ( they have no accurate test kit to say otherwise ) and use a medical protocol that kills patients, and when they lost them as dead from Bs 19 are they hospitals around the world, and in Australia given very large financial incentives ?

The answer is yes ?

If you have dumbed down friends that believe whats on the idiot box and don’t think they are idiots, and wish to dispute any of this tell the the Australian National Review is challenging anyone to put up $1 million to prove what I’m stating is wrong. Ie put up or shut up and if I’m wrong, I’ll give them a million. I’ll bet there house.

Is it disrespectful to raise such things?

No. It’s disrespectful to murder a fellow Australian and they. Try and cover up what caused the death.

It’s a shame the politicians Australian’s would love to “ drop dead” haven’t yet.

Maybe they should be forced to take their own medicine and take the real jabs they push so hard on innocent Australians including the defenceless elderly being murdered by them in age care homes, why the aged care homes collect the big bonus’s to list them fraudulently as dying of Covid.They threaten you with loss of your job and inject pregnant mums,pressure teenagers,and even injecting little babies.

What sick f… can do this ?

That’s right all our fraudulently elected Premiers and Prime Minister.

Let’s demand all the politicans pushing the deadly jabs show proof of being actually jabbed, not a placebo or the cap on the needle left on like the QLD Premier did.

At least Victorians will be able to afford a house in 10 years, as there will be plenty of vacant ones.

Australian National Review refuses to take money to cover up Bs 19 jab death and injuries. As your mainstream media news networks the same ?
News that will bring down these fraudsters and let them have their own Pfizer sponsored heart attacks.
Because they are “ safe, effective and necessary “

To see “ Died Suddenly trailer

And full doco for free