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I wonder how long it will take the Gay movement, just like the greens movement to realise the Globalists are using their movements to usher in the Great Reset Totalitarian New World Order, and push deceptive and dangerous agendas such as Transgenderism and climate change fraud, masquerading as an ideology of diversity.
If the Globalists elites want diversity then let’s have real diversity. Diversity of nations and have a multi polar world, diversity of reserve currencies of a basket of diverse range of currencies not a Uni polar, single dominated reserve currency that’s enables the Cabal to abuse the US dollar dominance to print fake money to buy yo the worlds assets with and manipulate Governments and install puppet leaders in Western nations.

Globalists don’t give a f… about diversity, or the gay movement, the environment, a better humanity or traditional family values nor faith. They care only for a Uni polar one world government, with zero diversity tolerated of views, of religion, of national sovereignty or of currencies. They believe in one world digital enslavement via a digital ID and transfer of power to the corrupt WHO owned by psychopaths like Bill Gates, who needs to be jailed and sentenced to death, before charlatans like him continue to sentence more humans to death with their satanic idiocy.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and co are world class fraudsters who do not deserve any favourable attention but should be jailed or sentenced.

Australian National Review