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Australian National Review Founder says “Don’t waste this precious time before what will be the biggest economic crash most of us have seen in our lifetime,to prepare. The day is drawing closer, but remember in crisis there will always be opportunity

Credit Outlook Darkens for Non-Financial Companies, Moody’s Says

The outlook for credit conditions next year for non-financial companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa is negative, credit rating agency Moody’s said on Monday, as financing conditions degrade and energy and wage costs loom.

US Consumers Are Still Applying for Credit Cards Despite Higher Rates

(Bloomberg) — US consumers continued to seek out more credit cards this year even as the Federal Reserve aggressively lifted borrowing costs, a shift that cooled demand for mortgages, auto loans and other types of credit, according to research from the New York Fed.

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“You Can’t Put It Back Together” – Rickards Warns Of ‘Unstoppable Crisis Worse Than 2008’

Six-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards says the upcoming book “Sold Out” lays out the case why a huge crash is already a certainty sometime in 2023.

Goldman Strategists see bear market lasting until 2023 – no better than astrology?