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The Western elite love to push their values, not just on westerners, but on the world. As they also like to lecture other nations on human rights.
May we dare ask what western values are there left worth defending, and what human rights does the west have?

Crash tackling anyone without a mask to the ground, smashing 19 year old girls on concrete pavement, dragging pregnant mums from their homes for a Facebook post, attacking 86 year old female protester in Sydney, sending weapons to Nazis in Ukraine that kill eastern Ukrainians and rape and torture for fun, pushing 97 gender bull**** upon kids,pushing sex change operations that almost always end up in the victims committing suicide,using the idiot box to lie to citizens daily, installing the weakest leaders by deception, that are mere puppets for Washington oligarchs, who love Sex with children, as they are so repugnant, no feminine women would want to be with them, despite having billions. I mean total losers, with more money then brains or morales.
I mean as a society we are being run by the biggest bunch of losers history has seen,including in Australia a bitch state for sick Washington satanic elites. That supported by a minority of dumbed down losers, who vote for Joe Biden and the rest of the looney leftist, retard puppets.

Society doesn’t have to accept this mental illness masquerading as a f… up satanic idealogy, pushed by weak demasculated old men who can’t get laid despite having billions.

Is it not time to so no to all of this mental sickness taking over our societies before there is zero left to defend in the west? Or is the World Cup distraction between our footy season enough to keep us as placid fools whilst the Globalists are busy stealing everything of value in our decaying society.

The west is approaching annilhation and it’s their own fault for simply not saying “ no “.
Australian National Review