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How predictable.
The deep state are so desperate, they have to bomb Poland, to blame it on Russia of course. Like MH370, the deep state crashed it to blame it on Russia. Hillary Clinton election loss, blamed on Russia. Medibank deep state cyber attack in Australia, blame it on Russia.
Europe has no gas and will freeze. That’s right Russian sanctioned their own gas??! Blame it on Russia.
Nordstream 2
That’s right Russia blew up their own gas pipeline ??? Blame Russia.

Inflation . Yep not Biden, that’s Russia.
Ukraine war. Yep let’s blame Russia.

Nuclear Power plant under Russian control for months, that keeps getting bombed, to set off a nuclear disaster. Russia must be also bombing it.

So yes I’m sure Russia is bombing Poland, to set of a Global war that it doesn’t want.
But it would never be the desperate deep state, that desperately need WW3 to cover up their crimes, and usher in the “ Great Reset.

Where have we seen global wars start before.

Mmm get Germany and Europe to oppose Russia.
Let’s force Europe to destroy itself by sanctioning Russia has it needs to survive, to buy inflated gas from the US it doesn’t need.
History repeating itself.
It will if we let the same elites lie to us again and again.

I support war. War against the sick elites. Let’s let Russia eliminate them once and for all.