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I always try to make decisions based on, what are the 5 -10 year consequences of such decisions. Based on this methodology alone, despite knowing the vaccine industry was one gigantic fraud ( which I exposed in my 2016 book “ The Great Vaccine Con”, as their planned mandatory vaccination plan to get sales past $100 billion pa by 2022 up from just $5 billion in 2002, and $58 billion 2018). I still would never have taken the experimental shots.
Short term pleasure often leads to long term pain and sadly most made the disastrous decision to take the deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine based on short term benifits ie to travel or keep their job or to fit in with the herd.

What are the consequences of the actions those who made this short term decision now have to face ?

Sadly living in denalism won’t save them

Taking advantage of TruthMed might . That’s truth in medicine and how to reduce the deadly effects of the experimental injections killing on mass.