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The Covid Pandemic isn’t over, - simply because it never started- what started was a falsified hyped pre planned flu, made out to be a Global Pandemic, that scammed taxpayers around the world for hundreds of billions if not trillions. Then the fraudsters sold hundreds of billions of deadly fraudulently approved injections. But the real pandemic caused by the bio weapon being released, the deadly jab, that was never “ safe, effective and necessary “ has only just begun, sadly. Unless people urgently detox from the deadly little pricks they were injected with, from the deadly little pricks in Gates and Fauci - enjoy the limited few Xmas’s they sadly have left .

Being ignorant of what’s gone on or delusional to the fact our Governments and Western Elites owned media lied to us all, won’t save anyone. Watch as cancers and hear attacks numbers explode only to dumbfound Doctors 🥼
Www.truthtalks.live to check out the Truth in Medicine and protocols to save the injected.