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This is proof of how the deep state use the loony left and greenie zealouts to committ economic suicide in the West and particularly how they infiltrated Germany to have Germany destroyed by getting them to sanction the Russian gas they need to not just survive but to thrive .
The Western Oligarchs have for the last century or more , ensured Europe remains divided by ensuring Russia and Germany don’t work together .
The American dominance requires Russia and Germany to not work together. And the loony left and green zealouts as shown below are the perfect fools and tools, to be used, as they have little understanding of economic realities and live in a fantasy world, effectively of renewable energy and somehow climate change is the no 1 crisis humanity faces.
This is from the Rand Report a deep state strategic advisory firm, from January 2022. The so called “ unprovoked invasion by Russia was not to February 2022, and the sanctions were all planned by the West before February . It was a planned provocation by the West to implement already prepared sanctions to destroy Europe particularly Germany the dominant European Nation, and weaken Russia and ensure the oligarchs dominance by dividing to conquer.
Russia upset their plans by their economy not crashing and selling resources to friendly nations. If Germany can boot the green zealouts from political influence, ( as the west needs to do even in Australia or face economic ruin, then Germany can do a deal with Russia, including stopping sanctions, and to stop sending weapons to fund a proxy war against Russia.Then they’ll get cheap gas,survive ,thrive and help with the “ fall of the cabal “once and for all.
Australian National Review