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Ukraine is or was the Rothschilds ( Kharzarian Mafia strong hold ) and the Rothschilds killed the Russians Tsars and brought in Communism via their stooge Karl Marx . They are out to try and destroy Putin but Putin has spent decades building up the Russian Military for this day to eliminate them once and for all.
Remember the Rothschilds are fake Jews and fund the neo Nazis in Ukraine as they did in WW2 and have no care for the Jews or anyone. The world should not tolerate any of them any longer. Eliminate them or they’ll cause more famines, more wars and more recessions and depressions for their own evil agenda. And no it’s not a conspiracy theory - the Rothschilds have existed for a long time and still do.
Whether we accept their influence or not. The West is run by rich Oligarchs not a group of poor people with no resources or power. Or one could believe Joe Biden really is the leader of the so called “ free world” but that’s one hell of a conspiracy theory.