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Just wondering when Heterosexual Pride month starts, where can I find info on White lives and all lives matter movement, the next Babies have a right not to be murdered by selfish arrogant f.. up individuals rally , and what schools have shows visiting to teach human decency and traditional values, it’s ok to be a boy and dare grow up to be a man, even if your skin is white,alpha males are good for society to protect the vulnerable, verse toxic weaklings and pussy men,and as a young women you can still have value if your sexual partner count is below your age at 21, and that it’s ok if you yourself are your only fan. And maybe school could introduce some critical thinking skills including how to detect scams from a young age, by asking pertinent questions about Covid and Climate change fanaticism, including knowing what’s a real cloud verse a fake chemically sprayed geo engineered one, and the difference between real science and Pfizer sponsored pseudoscience, and perhaps not to become a drug junkie at a young age letting people inject into your arms unknown substances just because “ celebrities “ and other paid influencers and junk science consumers say something is “ safe,effective and necessary. And that it’s ok to say no if “ little pricks try to stick little pricks into you especially if their names are Gates and Fauci and their paid off Pharma whores, and sometimes you’ll discover you actually may be smarter when you start school, then when you finish it. And that real men and women aren’t scared of a “ flu “ no matter how many times the idiot box with idiot box presenters “ rebrand it “. Just asking for a friend. And why do they ban such common sense and valid questions on social media - as censorship under the disguise of Political correctness can hardly be good for society. Australian National Review www.anrnews.com