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ANR Founder says,”Only Australia could have such idiotic leadership that it not only provokes but disrespects it’s largest trading partner in China . A country that has helped make Australians very rich. We act as if we are a military giant not the minnow we are and provoke the hand that feeds us and sabotage and risk our very existence as a Nation. Our Political leaders don’t work for Australia. They work for the Western Oligarchs who own and run Australia. This makes them traitors, and the sooner Aussies wake up to the fact the West isn’t a democracy, the better. Cut the puppet strings and become a neutral nation and join the BRICS nations. It’s time to jump off the Titanic the west is, while we can, before it takes us down with it.

It’s time to grow up and stand up as a nation.Lead not follow. Be a voice for good not a cowardly lap dog following orders and accepting Blackmail by way of China is a threat to us.
China isn’t a threat to Australia, if we show some simple respect and stop interfering with it over Taiwan. Is China trying to get Tasmania to break away and providing it weapons to do so ? How we we respond if it did ?