ANR Founder says a vaccinated person is dropping dead every 5-10 seconds and it’s a Global genocide, yet our PM continues to push it, even on innocent pregnant mums and babies, not to mention the murder of the elderly in aged care homes who know the vaccines are killing them and they can’t defend against the murderous Doctors and nurses injecting them. If WHO is so clever, how come the unvaccinated are fit and healthy and not dropping dead with heart attacks and strokes like one vaccinated person is every 5 -10 seconds on the planet after taking the deadly untested, rushed to market and totally unnecessary Phase 3 experimental lethal injection . ( based on Australia’s excess mortality rate in Jan 2022 of one excess death every 15 minutes -2865 excess- equates to one death every 5 seconds of extrapolated Globally. So 5-10 seconds is being conservative as closer to every 4 seconds ) Note ANR doesn’t take funding to lie with Statistics re Covid nor to push the deadly injections or cover up the death and injury from them.