Why doesn’t Australia invite the Ukrainian Nazis to come to live in Australia that we are sending military aid to . So they can continue to kill the innocent Eastern Ukrainian’s they have been killing for the last 8 years since the West effectively invaded Ukraine. They did this by way of an illegal coup, and put the puppet regime in place, and started a war against Eastern Ukrainians ? Our Nazi Sympathiser Australian PM,could give them free welfare and accommodation and they could come terrorise Australians, like he is helping them murder, rape , torture and execute plus bomb Eastern Ukrainian’s in Ukraine. Let’s see if people really do stand with the murderous Nazi’s in Ukraine, or just post what George Soros tells them to on social media to be a politically correct moron.Innocent Ukrainian’s are being once again exploited by the Wests appetite and profiteering from war . And who are the Western Oligarchs once again behind this ?