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I wonder WHO organised the massive marketing budget for Covid 19 ?
And I wonder why a supposed pandemic required a multi billion dollar marketing budget ?
WHO were the sponsors and partners in the marketing effort ? And the flu that supposedly disappeared magically for 2 years so only Covid 19 could supposedly exist for 2 straight years.
WHO organised for the flu to go on a holiday whilst WHO organised the rest of us from being prevented from going on holidays? WHO also knew in advance and run multiple preparation events for a supposed unknown pandemic ? WHO could have known months and even years in advance to prepare for a Covid pandemic ? WHO has such magical powers of prediction and WHO can predict there will be yet another Global pandemic ? WHO gets billions paid to them from our taxpayers money via our Governments everytime guess WHO cries “ pandemic “ and WHO else gets very rich from pushing there little pricks into billions ? I wonder just WHO would like their little pricks to continue to be used again and again for the entire world’s population. Guess WHO says the little pricks are safe effective and necessary ? WHO really are the little pricks that need to be dealt with?
Www.truthbook.social asking questions about guess WHO?