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Take Back Control at the Pumps and Start Saving Money of Fuel.

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Kerry Baumann QLD.
When I was introduced to Xcelerate Fuel Tabs I was apprehensive to say the least but decided to give them a try because if they did what they said they could do, we would save huge money each year on fuel and maintenance costs of all our vehicles.
My first shipment of the Xcelerate Fuel Tabs arrived last week and I thought I'd try them out on our old diesel ute (pictured) that we work the horses off each morning.
Before putting two tablets into the fuel tank :-
The ute blew a cloud of smoke out the back when you excelerated quickly from 30 to 50 klms/hour that you couldn't see through.
The vehicle was really tardy to start every morning when cold.
It always sounded like the engine needed oil really rattly.
I always thought the fuel tank must've had small holes or cracks in it because you could almost see the fuel gauge going down.
Three days after putting two tablets into the fuel tank :-
The ute has ceased blowing a dense cloud of smoke or any smoke for that matter.
There's no rattling noise in the motor anymore it sounds great.
The fuel gauge now seems almost stagnant.
The ute is much easier to start first up in the morning without pumping the hell out of the the excelerater pedal.
This old ute was an obvious suspect to give the Xcelerate Fuel Tabs a try because it's never been serviced in the five years we've had it and was pretty beat up when we bought it.
First try of these Fuel Tabs to me they are a revelation, I'm wrapped.
If you want to find out more about them and maybe get some, you can go to http://xceleratefueltabs.com/KleenDreamer or you can PM me and I can email some information to you.
The fuel savings alone will certainly negate the impact of the re-introduced "Fuel Excise", now is the time to start saving money.


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