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Global Walkout Movement: Lets switch away from Google Chrome to Brave for both mobile and Desktop

This browser unlike chrome does not connect to Google and send various information about you such as telemetry, making it harder for Google to profit of from you.

Additionally this browser has a built in tracking protection and ads blocker.

This browser is based on the chromium project just like Chrome therefore performance and featurewise will be similar to chrome.

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Hey check out this video on YouTube

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Global Walkout Movement: Watch on Odysee, this extension will redirect you from YouTube to Odysee if the video you are watching on YouTube exists on Odysee.

Lets reduce the amount of times we use YouTube to hurt Google and support Odysee. Remember, Google removed a lot of videos from YouTube that exposes the scam around this "pandemic".

Let YouTube sink now!


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Sign the petition to abolish covid-fines


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Global Walkout Movement: Protect yourself from Windows 10/11

Since Windows 10, Microsoft collects various sensitive information about you, this is for the government while making revenue from your data by selling data to advertisements, in other words you are the product.

To stop Microsoft from collecting such information about you, use Shutup10++


Which will work on both Windows 10 and 11.

Here is an in-depth video regarding just how about Windows 10's privacy is:



This is a movement designed to help us walk away from The New World Order the global corporations wishes to enslave us.