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Hello and welcome to the Bees in Love group, the site for friendship search and dating for conscious, truth seeking people.
Feeling Happy

2 yrs - Youtube

2 yrs - Youtube

Each of your feelings permeates every cell and organ in your body.

When you are full of good feelings, when you radiate love, you get health for the whole organism, and in amazing amounts. When you are overwhelmed by negative feelings, tension pinches your nerves and causes cells to die. Your body's biochemistry is changing.

- The blood vessels also constrict, breathing becomes shallow. The forces of health are losing ground in all organs and throughout the body. Illness is the result of prolonged tension experienced by the body due to stress, anxiety, fears and other things.

Source: Jana Iger on Telegram

2 yrs - Youtube


Friendship search and dating for conscious truth-seeking people.