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What is self love for you?

Inclusion and acceptance? Self-knowledge? Understanding? Honesty? Trust? Compassion? Does this include your shadows too? Do you allow yourself to learn? Or are you judging yourself? Do you trust yourself? Do you think you have to earn your love?

What behaviors do you want to change and why? Where are you in resistance to yourself? Do you appreciate how far you've come? How do you see yourself and how dependent is that on others? Are you grateful? Are you curious? Your own thoughts and feelings? And are you willing to take them if they hurt?

Do you love yourself?

If the answer is "no" or "not enough": why is that? And what do you think you have to be like to be able to love yourself and do you realize that you only hinder development and growth if you do it the other way around? The answers are waiting for you to feel them. And remember, true self-knowledge requires honesty and compassion.

Then it becomes self love.

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You will always have enough strength to do what is right, but never enough energy to keep doing what is wrong, because:

You lose energy as a result.

And if you hold on to the past, even though your soul is asking you to allow change and your heart is showing you the way, the long-term consequences are depression, chronic fatigue, irritability, inner turmoil, unfulfillment, counterproductive conflicts, illness.

How do you allow change?

Through honesty, authenticity, integrity, understanding, compassion and courage. By making long overdue decisions and believing in your path, even if it takes you into uncharted territory. By accepting uncomfortable truths about yourself that will transform into self-love.

Let your heart speak and follow it. Because nothing draws more energy than ignoring your heart's voice and walking on burned-out paths. Trust your journey. You will endlessly release energy along the way.

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Emotional pain is inevitable in this mortal life, but the pain we create by avoiding it is avoidable.

That makes the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is a natural part of life that is temporarily uncomfortable.

Suffering is resistance to that pain. When we learn to allow the pain and let it flow through us, we won't suffer anymore.

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This is the TB page of our site Bees in Love. We will share topics from the fields of love, partnership and friendship, but also consciousness, truth movement, spirituality, the paranormal, politics, economics and science. We hope you will like it and wish you a lot of fun and joy here!

Das die TB-Seite unserer neuen Seite Bees in Love. Wir werden hier Themen aus den Bereichen Liebe, Partnerschaft und Freundschaft, aber auch Bewusstheit, Wahrheitsbewegung, Spiritualität, Paranormales, Politik, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft teilen. Wir hoffen, dass es euch gefallen wird und wünschen euch viel Spaß und Freude hier!

Este es la página de TB de nuestro nuevo sitio Bees in Love. Aquí compartiremos temas relacionados con el amor, la convivencia y la amistad, pero también la conciencia, el movimiento de la verdad, la espiritualidad, lo paranormal, la política, la economía y la ciencia. ¡Esperamos que te guste y te deseamos mucha diversión y alegría aquí!