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McIntyre Report Political Talk Show
Episode 118

Lisa Johnston Interviews Jamie Mcintyre “Who Puts Up $1 Million That More People Will Die Of Covid Vaccines Then The Spanish Flu”, Anzacs Would Want Those Who Woke Up To Attend Anzac Day Celebrations To Actually “Wake Up“ And See What’s Happening To Our Country And Stand Up Against The Enemy, And Jamie Let’s Loose On The Transgender And Pedophilia Issue Being Normalised And Pushed Upon Kids -Part 1

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Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion

ANR Founder shares his thoughts on whether this is a good or bad thing

What’s your thoughts ?

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⁣ANR News With Wayne Crouch And Lisa Johnston Speak With Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav About Where Covid Tyranny is Heading Part 1/3

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McIntyre Report Political Talk Show Episode 114

Lisa Johnson Interviews Jamie Mcintrye On The Covid Fraud And The Anti-Russian Propaganda; Should Australia Split Into Two, Forming A Breakaway Nation?


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