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OMG everyone watch this video it's crazy unreal guitar playing and singing the absolutely best album I've ever heard trust me!!!
Check it out for yourself if ya don't believe me???

Victim of a modern age???

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7Victim of a modern age???

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Status Correction under the right lawful jurisdiction.

Worth a look -

For anyone skeptical about 2% expendature tax as the only tax, once corruption removed. Source RBA, with basic mathematics and being conservative ;
2018 How it was.
Spending/Outgoing $735B
Revenue/Incoming $511B
Deficit $224B

2% Plan (Stats RBA 2019)
Electronic Trans. Value/Bus.Day $255B
251 Working Days in 2019
255x251= $64,005B (ETV/year)
64005x0.02= $1280.1B
Annual Revenue $1.28 T

So the sense of it all is one thing... but what about the elephant in the room this exposes that Everyone should notice and care about...

Where the actual fuc# is some +90% of our national wealth actually going? ... Tens upon Tens of Trillions of dollars every fuc#ing Year!!!

To support All the Crime and Decadence of the world that you can imagine! . From private jets to SRA supplies.

Time to stop paying your PAYG every packet!

Check this out!!!

We don't know what we don't know. Until we know.


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