Government House Campaign 29 09 2022
Update on the current cross-country campaign at Government houses featuring Ruby West

This happened in Alice Springs court today. Hot off the press.

This is awesome ? ??
Epic effort @Boxybox77

On Parliament lawn CANBERRA, Jess asks great questions. What is the answer? ?


18/09 Canberra we're still here paul the legend stood on the lawn with me today we are back up the front in the AAA paul argued the law with the pso's yesterday and we are allowed ???


At GATE B Gov House Brisbane, we didn't have official restrictions. Simply pesky police attempting to treat us like children (or chickens ?), to which we declined to contract.

Today, we decided to stand across the road, as we mostly have since the Queen allegedly died. Saturday, we stood our ground at the gate when they hosed us down. FREEDOM FRONT is always interesting. 3 year jail term for disrupting a LAWFUL POLITICAL PROTEST we told him. He kept hosing down the driveway. Only stopped when I said, you're wetting my dress! ????? Regardless, the nan's and gramps held the line.



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