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Bill Wood - The Looking Glass Project
"All the possibilities of all the future scenarios, every possibility that was included and observed through the Looking Glass - inherently ended in the same future

'Nothing can be manipulated beyond that point'

'At first I thought it was the end of the world. Now I see the end of the world as the end of their world'

The 'Looking Glass' project is a method for transferring data through time. Very little is known about him, which is logical because small groups at the top kept the project under control. It was easy for them to rule because they had all the information plus predictive software that threw out the probability of certain events.
Bill Wood was briefly involved and what he is talking about here is that the prediction timelines started to converge and the 'machine' was always throwing out an identical outcome.
For this reason, he believes that the project is shut down and closed.

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Jarred Kushner is jewish, Trump's son in law...and caught by telling the Saudis to sack all their judges :

More and more American news outlets point at Kushner as the possible FBI’s mole at the heart of the Trump family, I wonder how long will it take before the ADL gets into a panic mode …

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The only satisfactory answer is thoroughly chilling: it appears that having acquired all the money one can spend and all the power one can wield, the global elite remains capable of deriving perverse psychological satisfaction from engaging in large-scale acts of wanton destruction. In other words, its representatives do not seem to mind committing a spectacular suicide so long as it is a side effect of a vastly more spectacular democide.

While the realization that the new world order is a logically incoherent phantasmagoria might be soothing, the corollary awareness that the true goal of the ongoing worldwide ruination is no less insane should keep all right-minded people sober and watchful. Hence, even if one is not an enthusiast of the rapidly disintegrating “old world order,” one can steadfastly oppose the evil machinations of those responsible for that order's dissolution.

Ludwig von Mises’s personal motto (also adopted by the Mises Institute) is instructive: “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

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This is a documentary which you need to see. We wished we learned all this at school. Interesting to note that a powerful hatred must have started somewhere - if we knew where perhaps we could fix the problem?