Mmmm it was Soros and the US State Department behind the illegal armed coup in 2014, and they burnt alive pro russian Ukrainians in the former Russian city of Odessa, in its Theatre, and shot at innocent protesters to frame the Democratically Elected and Pro Russian President Yankovich. Are you saying Russia toppled a Pro Russian President and took over Ukraine,and then built up the Ukrainian Army, to be the extension of the NATO army to attack itself ???

We already have the evidence a long time ago it was Victoria Nuland,of the US State Department and Soros and co behind the illegal armed coup of Ukriane. Now a failed state,that’s lost a war it should never have started against Russia, and 500,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers,and an economy in tatter, and now half the country will decide to re join Russia ie Eastern Ukraine. And the Western part of Ukraine, that will be landlocked and full of Nazis, Poland will take much of it back.

To many brainwashed people fell for Western Propaganda and now Ukraine is a destroyed state used as speak to fight US wars and imperialism . It could have been even worse if it wasn’t for Russia to step and in defend and stop the genocide,by the Western elites ( the criminal behind Israel who control America ) then Eastern Ukrainians would have all suffered the same fate as the same criminals are doing to genocide Palestinians now.

Nations unable to defend themselves against the criminal elite will be targeted. Lucky Eastern Ukraine will be built again and is already by Russia( see Mariupol brand new apartments build for Ukrainians now living in peace) and they’ll have peace and prosperity.

The rest of Ukriane - god help what it will become - over run by Nazis.

#russia #ukrainerussiawar


Australia has already passed a federal law that allows UN soldiers to enter Australia and do what ever they are told to do to Australians with indemnity. That is, they will hold no liability for killing or harming Australians with forced injections. And forced injections are now permitted in Australian PH legislation in some states eg. WA, Vic, Qld

I can't really tell you what's going on with the ****show that is the Joe Vialls / Ari Ben Menashe Port Arthur conspiracy theory that the massacre was orchestrated by Ben Menashe and carried out by a Mista'arvim team.

What I can tell you is that Ari Ben Menashe is certainly a real Israeli intelligence agent who applied for refugee status in Australia in 1992 and his claims unrelated to Port Arthur regarding Iran-Contra smuggling through a WA port and Jeffrey Epstein being a Mossad agent are worth a look.

Furthermore Rebecca Peters the main lobbyist for gun control who was at it for a while before Port Arthur and essentially got her way as a result almost immediately went to work for George Soros in New York afterwards.

2 yrs - Youtube

The History Of Jeffery Epstein's Intelligence Community Connections.

Whitney Webb joins Jimmy Dore to discuss her latest books, One Nation Under Blackmail, volumes 1 & 2, and the deep history tying World War II era organized crime syndicates to intelligence agencies in the United States, the UK, and Israel.

They discuss how that relationship evolved over decades into the international sex trafficking / pedophile/blackmail network of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and connected them to prominent individuals in the government and financial sphere as their crimes spand the globe.

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This is a documentary which you need to see. We wished we learned all this at school. Interesting to note that a powerful hatred must have started somewhere - if we knew where perhaps we could fix the problem?