The AEC has not provided the signed writ required to announce the election on Saturday. That Writ must be issued at least one week prior to election and be printed in at least 2 major newspapers in each state. A copy of the Writ must be available for perusal at each voting station and it was not available yesterday in two locations when requested. The AEC was unable to say which two newspapers the writ had been printed in. The local MP's are all operating as corporations under ABN's which makes them ineligible to run. I am told The candidates who are NOT are therefore by default, elected.... Guess who is NOT registered? The Australia One candidates. Bosi always said Australia One would not be registered as it was unlawful to be. The Commonwealth Election Act states people must vote for a PERSON, a candidate. It doesn't say a party. Now we watch and see what happens because the government has been dissolved, awaiting the election which cannot go ahead lawfully, it appears.... Australian Electoral Act 1918 Section 154.2.4.b.I
Who knows what will happen going forward. It will be an illegal and illegitimate election, but it appears they all have been... We have all been asked to enquire on election day when we go to vote if we can see the writ because they have to show you. Video the request and response.


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