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I don’t know anyone yet that’s been injured or died from not taking a Covid vaccine yet - but I know of lots that are injured or even dead since taking one. How safe , effective and necessary was it again ? I also have put up a $1 million challenge that sadly more will die from the Covid vaccines then the Spanish flu allegedly killed, -50-60 million . Still no takers . And as we know Covid can’t show a single autopsy of being the sole cause of anyones death, not has a accurate test kit to identify it been invented and dare I ask for proof of the isolated virus, and it’s death rate when all the falsified deaths are removed, is below that of a seasonal flu, and even they are unconfirmed deaths by Covid - a so called Spanish flu didn’t even turn out to be a seasonal flu,yet the world injected billions with a deadly experimental drug that doesn’t stop Covid, and brainwashed the less awake to take it. Maybe we should stop looking for intelligent life on other planets and try and find it first in this one . Www.anrnews.com