3/3.ANR Chief Editor, Jamie McIntyre and www.truthbook.social Founder, explains how the Globalist Planned this “ pandemic and coming attempted financial crash after they failed in 2008 to do it with the GFC and the falsified swine flu pandemic in 2009 , where according to a motion in the European Parliament - the drug companies have dangerous levels of influence over the WHO and got caught out trying to hype a “ normal flu strain “ out of Sth America,into a Global Pandemic- swine flu . And have been pissed ever since and planing the Covid 19 2019 one and the planned economic crash they want this year by raising interest rates, causing inflation to usher in the Great Reset and issue a Global Central Bank controlled Digital currency to enslave mankind . But they went past the point of “ no return “ and are desperate . And now more and more are discovering Covid is con and the vaccines are the “ bio weapon “ designed to kill and injure on mass “ and they will and already are. Desperate Globalists will now try to start wars, to maintain their power. Don’t but they Russia wants to invade Ukraine Bs. The Globalists avi there one world army attempt ie NATO - are the aggressor, pushing onto Russia’s borders to try and provoke Russia.
Imagine if Russia put military build up in Mexico on the Us border and then tried to say “ if the Us dares put troops on the Us / Mexico border it’s clearly and act of aggression .