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Australia is heading towards it’s largest property and economic crash anyone living has experienced. It’s all engineered just like the Great Depression was. If most weren’t still ignorant about how the world works, and that the West is and always was a Oligarchy, never a democracy, run for and by the elite 1% that hide behind non Government organisations, and in the shadows of society, they too could accurately predict what’s coming to. If they tell you Interest rates will only go up by 2%, times it by 5. If they say inflation is up 5%, times it by 10. The high energy crisis is deliberately manufactured, as are the high food prices, and shortages, high inflation we know what caused that, mostly being the endless printing of money to patch over the bankrupted Rothschilds Fractional Reserve Central banking system since 2008. When it was within 10 minutes of total collapse. And now they have to raise interest rates so high to stop inflation, it will destroy the western economies.Which they want to have a “ Great Reset”. So in time of such failure they will turn to the strategy the Rothschilds and the elites always have - create war, and reset the Global economy,thus the provocation of Russia over Ukraine and China over interfering with Taiwan. It’s all planned and predictable. But the blind can’t see. Why ?
Because they choose to be blind
Ignorance will not be bliss. Prepare now why you still have time . It will not be pretty. Www.anrnews.com