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The Delete Facebook Campaign continues to hurt Facebook, as it struggles to reverse its user decline in recent months, after losing $250 billion in value earlier this year.

Facebook’s early Feb 2022 share crash, was partly because they deleted the Canadian Truckies. So the Canada Truckies and many of the freedom movement simply deleted Facebook in retaliation. They had a net loss of 1 million users in Canada alone.
As Facebook is now proven to be a “ deep state asset” it’s censorship will only get worse. It has and will share its data with the deep state and be used to help push the Communist totalitarian WEF’s “ Great Reset “ Agenda.
Is it time we all stand up to Big Tech bullying, censoring and telling us what we can and cannot say?

The rise of Facebook alternatives gains momentum with the launch of Truthbook.social a censor free alternative to Facebook.

Apart from the YouTube alternative in Rumble, and Twitter alternative in Trumps new platform, the censor free TruthGroup.social, is gaining momentum,and if it succeeds will be the first company to create alternative major social media platforms,and search engine under the one dominant brand.

Truthbook.social the rapidly growing Facebook alternative, founded by Independent Media and the TruthGroup, is growing faster then Facebook did in the early days. Freedom lovers are flocking to it as they won’t get banned for speaking the truth . Many of the freedom movement have already joined the the community at [a]www.truthbook.social.[/a] It’s available to download the Truthbook app on Android or the App IOS store, however 81% of users use the website version. They are currently offering $100 USD in Crypto to delete Facebook or $50 USD to simply join Truthbook, and make at least one post ). Many are simply posting that they are leaving Facebook and are joining www.truthbook.social to qualify for their $50 USD in crypto, to support the freedom movement and critical need for censor free social media platforms. The $50 USD is in Truthcoin crypto, www.truthcoin.social which is listing on Exchange Azbits , July 15th 2022. It can either be sold or can be converted to spend at over 38,000 merchants. Www.truthbook.social

You can also watch videos or create them and post at www.TruthTube.Video

Tweet censor free on www.truthtweet.social ( Elon Musk eat your heart out as it already has an edit button and allows 1000 characters, unlike Twitter and doesn’t cost $44 billion to get them to stop censoring free speech)

Censor free Instagram alternative is www.TruthPix.social known as Truthpix