Is Facebook really what it says it is and Is Zuckerberg really a self made billionaire? Or is he simply an IntelQ asset, ie DARPA created lifelog and from public outrage planned to track citizen's movements, were ordered to shut it down in Feb 2004. Guess which month just 30 mins away did Facebook launch? Was it an intelligence agency project from Day 1, and Zuckerberg a front man contrôlled and owned by the deep state? The answer is yes in case you wanted to know. Dump Facist book, sorry I mean Fakebook and join censor free social media today

Is Freedom Of Speech Important To You?
Then You Should Watch This.

Kristian Rocha Developed Blood Clots In Her Stomach And Legs After Receiving The Covid Vaccine - Her Legs Tripled In Size 💉😮

Brainwashed Pfizer girls

Hospitals audited for human and baby trafficking... 👁🔥


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