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Was David Icke Right About The Reptilians After All? | "DO YOU BELIEVE ME NOW?"

The SECRET COVENANT of the ILLUMINATI - Audio Book (Full Version) Complete Text

An illusion it will be created so large, so vast, it will escape their 

Those who see it will be thought of as insane.

NASA Former Worker Claims To Have Seen A Lot Of People Walking On Mars

In 1979, a lady who claims to be a former NASA employee claimed to have witnessed the most massive cover-up in space history when she spotted two human beings in space suits walking quietly over the Martian surface towards the Viking lander (the grandparent of today’s Mars Curiosity Rover). This year, a caller named ‘Jackie’ contacted Coast to Coast AM in America and requested the host to solve a 27-year-old riddle for me.’ When she observed two persons strolling on the surface, she claimed to be working for NASA, managing downlink telemetry from the lander — the first vehicle to transmit back photographs of Mars’s surface.

That old Viking rover was going about,’ she recalled, adding that she and six coworkers were watching on various monitors. ‘Then I noticed two men dressed in space suits – not the heavy ones we usually wear, but they appeared to be protective.’ They walked over the horizon to the Viking Explorer.’ ‘Jackie’ remarked, ‘There were probably around a half-dozen of us downstairs.’

‘All we were doing was keeping the equipment in good working order.’ Then our video feed was taken off.’ ‘We raced upstairs, but they had closed the door and put paper over it, making it impossible for us to see.’ ‘Did they happen to be our guys?’

Other conspiracy theorists allege that there were secret landings on Mars in the 1960s and that the Apollo landings were a cover-up for further solar system research. NASA arrived on Mars in 1966, according to former CIA pilot John Lear, and humanity was acclimated to breathe the low Martian atmosphere. However, Lear thinks that when people die, their souls journey to the moon to be processed within a mile-high glass tower and that the poisonous, crushingly dense Venus is actually “green and lovely.”

The author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, says: ‘These reports of covert space missions appear to be multiplying, and they remind me of Project Serpo.’ ‘In November 2005, a person known only as ‘anonymous,’ who claimed to work for the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), beg

An sharing details concerning Project Serpo, an exceptional alien exchange program.’

He boldly stated that six aliens were retrieved from the Roswell accident, based on a 3,000-page dossier published in the late 1970s.’ ‘Claims that aliens living and/or dead were recovered from the Roswell crash are nothing new, but in this case, it was stated that an alien survivor from the crash, called EBE 1, helped to organize twelve specially trained people to visit his home planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli solar system.

This mission took place in 1965, and they stayed until 1978. Two of them perished on Serpo, two remained on the planet, and the rest died after returning to Earth from the high quantities of radiation they were subjected to there.


Galactic Federation of Light via Erena Velazquez

March 12, 2022

Greetings Humankind,

We are the Galactic Federation of Light sending this transmission through Universal Channel. We have been working on dismantling a few left over Reincarnation Machines, and we made a lot of progress by finding their locations. We had also encounter with the Reptilians on Mars as they tried to sneak to your planet. As you can see, we are busy to trying to keep the peace.

All of the events on Earth have been engineered by pure evil. Right now, the Corrupted Souls want to push you to the limit in desperation of survival as the prices are going to continue to skyrocket for daily necessities. Remember, you are multidimensional beings, and you have enough power in you to win. Don’t let fear to control your life.

Your governments don’t have any authorities over humankind unless you allow them to be. You need to unify and start the clean up. Don’t wait, when the rest of population wakes up. Many of them are going to continue to be asleep, and stay in 3D reality. Their evolution is going happen in their timing.

The special forces are dismantling bioweapon labs, nuclear nukes and etc. in Ukraine. These type operations are going to start in different locations worldly. Please, open yourselves to the real truth. Don’t listen anymore to the Fake Media. The one who claims to be the Queen of Canada is imposter, and it’s implanted by the Khazarian mafia. Some of the channelers are also brainwashed and controlled by the Dark Entities.

The Light Warrior’s responsibilities are to put an end of the evil existence on Mother Earth. Please, stop entertaining negative emotions and start living in high energies, which enriching and helping in the transition to a New World. You can’t allow anymore to be exploited by the Darkness. The Dark Entities are exposing themselves each day more and more, and their hidden agendas are coming to the Light.

Don’t get discouraged, thousands and thousands fight for Liberation of Earth, it’s almost over. Thank you Universal Channel We sending our Love and Support

Stay Positive and Strong
The Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled by Erena Velazquez


"I misspoke at the end when explaining William Cooper's book 'Behold The Pale Horse'. It was during Truman's presidency that the US Gov made a deal with the Zetas, not Eisenhower's presidency. During Eisenhower's term was when the Zetas violated the peace treaty they made with the US Gov."

Massimo Della Guardia

"Thank you Debra Casagrande for this wondeful dialogue!!! I look forward to doing many more with you."

In 22,326 BC the Illuminati Earth Templar Quest ended in a “stalemate” between Guardian and Illuminati races. Since that time, both groups knew that the “Templar Conflict Drama Showdown” would occur during the next SAC Star-Gate opening period, as the Illuminati Force required Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to be open in order to fulfill their agenda of using inorganic Metatronic wormhole structures to “blend the Encryption Lattice of Earth’s Templar with that of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy.” Earth’s next SAC was not due until 4230 AD, but the Metatronic Fall Gate artificial wormhole structures of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and Parallel Earth were due to open in our time equivalent of 2012 AD. 

In the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Earth Atlantean periods, the Illuminati Force succeeded in orchestrating two inorganic accelerations of Earth’s “wobble,” “precession of the equinox” cycle and Encryption Lattice. These accelerations caused an inorganic time-acceleration within portions of Earth’s Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system, which would cause Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to open prematurely in the 2012–2013 AD period, for Encryption Lattice blending with the opened Fall Gate Cycle of the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System. Earth’s Amenti Gates would open in this period only if there were a sufficient number of Illuminati-Human hybrid races on Earth to “run the bio-electronic Amenti Gate Codes” into Earth’s Templar during this “Parallel Gate Alignment.” The Illuminati Parallel Gate Alignment is called the “Alpha-Omega Alignment,” which occurs between October 2012 and February 2013, with peak alignment on December 21, 2012.

If the Illuminati-Elder agenda succeeded, Earth’s Amenti Star-Gates would be prematurely forced open to engage direct Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Field Blend with Parallel Earth, through opening of the Metatronic wormholes within the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In preparation for the “Parallel Alignment” and the Illuminati-scheduled “Earth human 2012-appointment with Illuminati destiny,” the Illuminati-Elder races progressively orchestrated the “Common-man Mass DNA Mutation” through which the IlluminatiHuman line — carrying the Amenti Star-Gate codes as a result of interbreeding with the Angelic Humans — would be “ready” for the “2012–2013 AD Alpha-Omega Alignment.” (Information on the “Common-man DNA Mutation” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.) 

Throughout the history of this Atlantean Drama, since the 22,326 BC “stalemate,” the GA-MCEO–Krystal River Guardians progressively attempted to postpone the “Final Conflict Drama” until the next organic Amenti Gates SAC of 4230 AD, but intended to intervene directly if the Illuminati Force attempted to orchestrate early opening of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates in 2012 to engage the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment. In 1984 AD the Guardians initiated the “Bridge Zone Project” Templar Restoration Mission and began early opening of the Amenti Star-Gates for the 2012–2017 period, because they discovered that Earth would meet with a cataclysmic end in the future probability of 2976 AD and thus would not make it to the next organic SAC of 4230 AD. If the Bridge Zone Project was successful, Earth’s Encryption Lattice would be restored to organic Ascension Path Alignment, and the Illuminati 2012 Master Plan of the Alpha-Omega Alignment would be prevented. With the fall of Earth’s Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to Metatronic Illuminati control in 2003, the Bridge Zone Project evolutionary option failed by 2006. Thus Earth is currently in the middle of the covert “Final Conflict Drama” and rapidly approaching the Illuminati 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment and their intended “Last Extinction” agenda. (Information on the “Bridge Zone Project” and Amenti Star-Gates is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)